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Bridge to Renewables is on a mission to maximize the environmental benefit of every electric vehicle by building a bridge between the transportation and energy industries.
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Our services.

We empower our clients and their customers to work together to make the world more sustainable.

Transportation Program Management

Our Transportation Program Management service, powered by BTR's Bridge platform, simplifies participation in low-carbon and renewable fuel programs, like California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), for EV OEMs, charging station networks, fleet operators, and renewable energy generators.

By automating the registration and reporting processes, renewable energy sourcing, and credit monetization, our service allows you to unlock the full value of these programs.

EV Driver Experience Platform

We partner with EV manufacturers and other consumer brands to provide value to individual EV drivers based on the precisely measured emissions reductions achieved through EV driving and charging programs.

EV OEMs can help EV drivers understand and optimize their behavior and provide those EV drivers access to an ecosystem of incentives for doing so. Brands can offset their own emissions while engaging a valuable consumer base through a unique channel.

BTR in the news.

The latest news from BTR and around the web.
  • Electric vehicles

    Leading OEMs and Biogas Producers Work with BTR for Participation in RFS

    BTR announces its collaboration with OEMs and biogas producers to enable participation in the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) eRINs program via the BTR "Bridge" platform.

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  • Wind farm

    Strategic Investors Participate in BTR Series A Funding

    BP, CDPQ and others back BTR in Series A funding.

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  • Electric vehicle plugged in

    BTR and Qmerit Partner to Help Commercial Clients Monetize EV Charging

    Our partnership with Qmerit, the leading provider of implementation solutions for EV charging and other electrification technologies.

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  • Solar farm

    Powering Autonomous Vehicles While Supporting Farmers

    BTR partners with Cruise to launch an initiative to power autonomous vehicles with solar energy generated by farms.

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  • Cow

    Collaborating with Straus Dairy Farm and BMW to Offer Low Carbon EV Charging

    BMW, Straus Organic Dairy Farm & BTR collaborate to offer a program that uses biogas to create low carbon electricity to charge EVs via the LCFS program.

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Our platform.

We are proud of the scale of our platform and the impact that BTR and our partners have had on the world.


metric tons of CO2eq. reduced


MWh renewable energy delivered


charging events processed


electric vehicles connected

Our team.

BTR’s team of leaders, creators, and problem-solvers has deep expertise and experience in the transportation and energy industries. We are committed to working with our clients to make a sustainable world a reality.
  • Jack Barrow
    Jack Barrow

    Co-founder, CEO

  • Ashley Beaty
    Ashley Beaty

    VP, Partnerships and Policy

  • Russ Dyk
    Russ Dyk

    Head of Environmental Products

  • Kevin Foreman
    Kevin Foreman

    Head of Technology

  • Linden Haynes
    Linden Haynes


  • Chip Kirchner
    Chip Kirchner


  • Jim Lemon
    Jim Lemon


  • Mike Lemon
    Mike Lemon

    Founder, President

  • Dylan Myers
    Dylan Myers

    Program Analyst

  • Cynthia Perez
    Cynthia Perez

    Executive Assistant

  • Bianca Russo
    Bianca Russo

    Product Designer

  • Nysa Vann
    Nysa Vann


  • Paul Wagner
    Paul Wagner

    Sr. Security Systems Engineer

  • Scott Williams
    Scott Williams

    Head of Finance

Interested in joining our team?

Whether your passion lies in designing and building new products, mastering the art of data analysis, or navigating the intricacies of carbon credits, we’re always seeking passionate team members to collaborate in building our bridge.

Our founders.

Bridge to Renewables was founded in 2015 by family team Mike, Jim, and Chrys Lemon to ensure renewable energy is used to charge electric vehicles and may benefit from transportation fuel programs like California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

Jack Barrow joined as a co-founder in 2016. Since its inception, our team of impassioned environmentalists has been dedicated to creating new and innovative strategic partnerships to support the decarbonization of the transportation sector.